We three: Don Adams as Max, me as 99, and Ed Platt as Chief, were daily playmates for five years.

This is my favorite shot of Max and 99. Maybe it’s the moustaches. It seems so dear for some reason.

A typical day on the set waiting for our scene. Don appears to be pondering the script, which may have been for the camera. He had a photographic memory, unlike me, who had to study like crazy.

Office scenes were a breeze for me. I mostly listened as Ed Platt had to rattle off a tsunami of tongue-twisting technical terms.

Holding a gun on Napoleon Solo, played by Robert Vaughn, was good practice for the 99 in my future.

Here I am coaxing men to use Top Brass hair dressing, while lounging on an endangered species. By now I was under contract to Revlon to do commercials, which put an end to modeling.

This photo was taken by photographer Neal Barr. We had such joy making pictures together. Neal’s artistry behind the camera and in the darkroom could make any woman look ideal.

A traditional moment at the country club in Pittsburgh to please my parents after our small wedding. I still had lots to learn about the fellow cutting the cake with me.

A backyard ballerina…well, almost en point in our driveway. Hardly my Swan Lake moment, but the beginning of an obsession with dance that got me through the indignities of adolescence.

Unfurling my dad’s lengthy legs (I always wished I’d inherited Mom’s) beneath an explosion of feathers during the revival of The Ziegfeld Follies. No acting required, but who cared? It was Broadway!